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Dorset Rough Riders: Join Dorset's Premier Mountain Biking Club

The Dorset Rough Riders are a mountain biking and cross-country cycling club based around the Bournemouth, Poole, and wider Dorset area. We welcome riders of all ages and abilities, offering a varied selection of rides throughout the week.

Discover Our Cycling Community: More Than a Bike Club

Based in the Poole, Bournemouth, Purbeck, and wider Dorset areas, we're a community-focused group of cross-country cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts. Whether it's joining together for a relaxed ride through the countryside or getting the heart pumping with some friendly competition, our aim is simple: to enjoy cycling with a great group of like minded people.

A group of cheerful mountain bikers gather on a forest trail, ready to embark on a ride, with the leader turning to smile at the camera, capturing the communal spirit of the club.
A female cyclist wearing a white helmet enthusiastically points the way forward, guiding a fellow rider through a lush forest, symbolising the supportive and explorative nature of the club's rides.
Cyclists ride down a grassy hill with a picturesque landscape stretching out behind them, illustrating the breathtaking views and open-air experiences offered by the club's rides.
A mountain biker in a yellow helmet and jersey expertly navigates a challenging woodland trail, his concentration and the dynamic movement of the bike conveying the excitement of the sport.

Unlock Cycling Benefits: Join Dorset Rough Riders Today

Snag a minimum of 10% off bike parts and accessories at our partner shops.

Mingle at our regular club meetings and socials – think beach BBQs and camping weekends!

Ride with Team DRR in thrilling mountain bike events across the country.

Enjoy discounted rates at our partner businesses by going to the Resources Tab and Partner Shops.

Flaunt our top-quality club kit at a friendly price.

Pedal alongside kindred spirits, from novices to veterans.

Upcoming Events and Ride Calendar

These are our regular scheduled rides, but our members often organise additional adventures. For the most up-to-date ride information on Events, make sure to check out our Dorset Rough Riders Facebook Group. For members-only rides and updates, you can find the DRR Members Group here.

A jovial group of mountain bikers congregates on a sunlit forest track, reflecting the spirit of the 'Saturday Social' ride. Riders in an array of colourful gear prepare to set off, with some chatting animatedly, and others adjusting their bikes. The relaxed atmosphere is palpable as the group gears up for a day of camaraderie and outdoor adventure.

The Saturday Social

Easy going and perfect for newcomers or those looking for a leisurely pace. Explore the area around Broadstone with our friendly ride leaders. Routes change week to week, and a cafe stop is likely!

  • Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Location: The Junction Sports & Leisure Centre, Broadstone

  • Contact: Club Phone - 07424 078087, or Daylight Dave - 07880 69 00 93

A focused cyclist doing a wheelie in a blue shirt leads a group of mountain bikers along a narrow dirt path flanked by lush greenery, highlighting the shared experience and leadership within the mountain biking community.

The Wednesday Wobble

Looking for a bit more of an evening challenge? Tackle the trails from Canford Heath to Badbury Rings. Rides split based on ability, meaning everyone enjoys a comfortable adventure. Mountain bikes required!

  • Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm (approx)

  • Location: The Junction Sports & Leisure Centre, Broadstone

  • Contact: Club Phone - 07424 078087, or Dave - 07880 690093, or John - 07773 506593

  • Important: Don't forget a helmet and off-road lights from mid-August to mid-May!

Two mountain bikers, one in the foreground wearing a black jersey, the other in blue, focus intently as they navigate a densely wooded trail. Behind them, a third rider is partially visible, highlighting the depth of the forest and the tranquillity of their surroundings.

Wednesday @ 10.00 Rides

Get ready for midweek mountain bike adventures! Explore new singletrack, tackle downhills, and enjoy challenging routes. We love pushing our limits with a focus on fun. eMTBs or classic bikes – all are welcome!

  • Time: 10:00 am

  • Distance: Typically 25-30 miles

  • Pace: Medium

  • Check the Dorset Rough Riders Facebook Group for weekly route details and leaders

Durdle Door, an iconic natural arch, marks one of the many breathtaking views along the Dorset Rough Riders' coastal trails, where cycling meets the geological wonders of the Jurassic Coast.
Bournemouth Beach, with its iconic row of brightly coloured beach huts, serves as a stunning backdrop for Dorset Rough Riders' beachside cycling adventures, offering a perfect combination of challenging rides and relaxation.
Corfe Castle, with its rich history and dramatic ruins, stands proudly above the Dorset landscape, a frequent sight for the Dorset Rough Riders as they explore the trails and heritage that this beautiful region has to offer.

Explore with Us: Discover Dorset's Best Cycling Trails

We’re not just riding; we’re on a mission to uncover the most picturesque paths and trails. Dorset is our canvas, and every ride is a stroke of beauty. Join us to create memories on lanes lined with history and vistas.

Our Rides in Pictures

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Wheelie Bike Shop

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Trailscorcher Lights

A photo of steve coombs, smiling, on his mountain bike on a woodland trail. he is the owner of steve coombs mountain bike skill training.

Steve Coombs Mountain Bike Skill Training