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Code of Conduct

Acceptance of this code will help promote the sport of mountain biking. Please abide by it at all times.

  1. Only ride where you know you have legal right

  2. Maintain control of your speed at all times, use caution on blind bends and anticipate other trail users. Avoid skidding or other activities likely to cause erosion.

  3. Slow down when approaching or overtaking other trail users and make your presence known well in advance. Always give way to horses and walkers and be prepared to halt when approaching horses.

  4. Avoid animals and growing crops. In some circumstances this may not be possible, at which times contact should be kept to a minimum.

  5. Respect public and private property. Leave all gates as found

  6. Take all litter with you. Keep noise down.

  7. Do not get annoyed with anyone; it never solves any problems.

  8. Always try to be self-sufficient, for you and your bike. Carry adequate equipment, food and clothing to cover the unexpected.

  9. Never create a fire hazard.

  10. Remember – others will judge all Mountain Bikers by your actions.

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