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Data Policy

1. Dorset Rough Riders (DRR) is a non-profit recreational Mountain Bike Club, (the “Club”), that is run solely for the benefit of its members.
2. To administer the Club we need to collect and maintain a small amount of personal information, such as names, addresses, contact and email details. This information is only used for the administration of the Club and its events.
3. Information held, is only shared within the Club with those needed to administer the Club and its events.
4. No information is shared with any third party or third party organisation.
5. All information will be held whilst members are part of the club, and, for 13 months after membership has lapsed (in case members would like to renew). Beyond this period we will record that you were previously a member.
6. Members email addresses will be used, by the club, solely for providing members with Club related information. If you would like to receive this information please advise the Club when renewing you membership (tick box on the membership form).

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