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Ride Calendar

An up-to-date calendar of our upcoming rides.

If you wish to add your own ride, just click the 'Plus' symbol in the top right (or 'Add Event' in the menu, if you're on mobile) of the calendar, add the details, and you're off!

Please only add rides if you are a club member. You can become a member here.

If you have added a ride, and need to make an edit, please contact a site admin here.

Ride Challenge Levels

Ride organisers should add information about the level of difficulty for their ride to the description.


Aimed at novices. Up to 16km (10 miles) on easy trails. Suitable for families.


Usually under 25km (15 miles) with few hills and challenging sections. A slow paced ride with many stops.


25-40km (15-25 miles) with more hills. A faster pace and more challenging terrain with fewer stops. Not for beginners.


40-65km (25-40 miles) with bigger (10-15 minute hills) and longer challenging sections. Definitely not for beginners.


Challenging in both terrain and pace, probably all-day rides for experienced mountain bikers only.

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