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Incident Policy

The Dorset Rough Riders Incident Policy is set out below for anyone who rides with us. It is a requirement of the Club’s insurance with British Cycling that all incidents/accidents involving club members or 3rd parties, i.e. members of the public, are reported within THREE DAYS of the incident. It is the ride leader’s responsibility to inform the committee of any accident/incident on the day of the accident/incident. For the purposes of this policy 'an incident/accident' is any event that requires hospital attendance/admission or seeking of medical care, e.g. broken collar bone, concussion. In the case of 3rd parties, this will require a judgement on the part of the ride leader. For instance, if a member of the public was knocked over, it would be prudent to report despite not being aware of a hospital attendance.


  1. Ride Leader

    1. Gather required information, the information required can be seen below at the attached British Cycling Form.

    2. Report to DRR Committee by emailing details to the following 3 addresses. It would also be appreciated if one of the post holders or other committee members could be contacted directly.




  2. DRR Chair, Vice Chair & Club Secretary a. Gather any additional information required b. Make Committee aware via DRR Committee Facebook page c. Within THREE DAYS submit British Cycling incident/accident form d. Ensure incident is added to the DRR incident/accident log



This form should be completed where injury, illness or property damage has been sustained by any party during a recognised British Cycling event or activity, including formally organised and registered events, club activities and all coaching, training, ride leading and instructing. It should also be used to report incidents that did not result in injury, illness, or damage – but had the potential to do so. The form should be completed by an appropriate person, normally the organiser of an event or activity, but may also be completed by an appointed Chief Commissaire or Referee, Event Safety Officer, Coach, Ride Leader, Cycle Training Instructor or other appropriate club or event official.


The form can be found in our members-only Facebook group and Files section for download.

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